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Lemon Wire Review July 26,2019 


Coniece Washington sings homage to a legend on “Shades of Shirley Horn” 
By Dodie Miller-Gould - July 24, 20190 
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Shirley Horn – – for newer or younger jazz fans, her name might be less recognizable. However, vocalist Coniece Washington is working to change that with her latest release, “Shades of Shirley Horn.” 

Released in the spring of 2019, “Shades of Shirley Horn” finds Washington singing some of the songs that made Horn a household name for a time. “Shades of…

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Jersey Jazz June 2019 

Jersey Jazz 
Shades of Shirley Horn (Self-Produced) is a heartfelt tribute to the late pianist/singer by vocalist CONIECE WASHINGTON.  Horn had a tendency to sing many of her songs at amazing slow tempi, but there was always a swing feeling underneath all that she sang.  Washington has the swing feeling, but is less inclined to bring the tempo of her performances to the paces where Horn often went.  Her band includes Thad Wilson on trumpet, Carl Carrington on flute, David B. Cole on guitar, Vince Evans on…

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In a Blue Mood Ron Weinstock's Cd Review 

Coniece Washington 
Shades of Shirley Horn 

Poet Seth Washington provides a narration that provides an overview of Shirley Horn, a Washington DC musical icon. It opens vocalist Coniece Washington's rendition of "Here's To Life," one of Shirley Horn's most famous songs that opens her tribute to Horn. Horn touched her "the first time I heard Shirley Horn sing, I fell in love with her groove and elegance. Due to my military service I never had the opportunity to attend one of her shows but I…

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Glide Magazine Shades of Shirley Horn Review 

May 25, 2019 by Jim Hynes in Album Reviews, Reviews No Comments 

Shades of Shirley Horn represents a lifelong dream of sorts for D.C.-based vocalist Coniece Washington, who grew up with Horn and other female jazz vocalists like Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, Billy Holiday and Carmen McRae as her main influences.  Of course, Horn was one of the major jazz talents that hailed…

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NACC Chart Rating May 2019 



My CD Shades of Shirley Horn hit the Top 5 Jazz Adds Chart at NACC tied at #4
Top 5 Jazz Adds 
Rated in the Top 5

Shades Of Shirley Horn 


Link To Roots Top 50 Jazz Review

#CD is # 16 as of 6/8/19.

10        Shades of Shirley Horn 
by: Coniece Washington 

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Review of the Bethesda Blues and Jazz July 31st Show 

By Seth Washington
Jazz is the great American art and here in the Washington, DC metro area the tradition of Straight Ahead Jazz could be described in a word as rich.
Smooth, soulful vocalist, Coniece Washington and her merry band of jazz gladiators offer elegant evidence that the tradition is flourishing within the Beltway region...
This sultry song stylist, born and bred in New Jersey, with church choir melodies in her fiber seeks to present the Great American Song Book with integrity.
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