Jersey Jazz June 2019

Jersey Jazz 
Shades of Shirley Horn (Self-Produced) is a heartfelt tribute to the late pianist/singer by vocalist CONIECE WASHINGTON.  Horn had a tendency to sing many of her songs at amazing slow tempi, but there was always a swing feeling underneath all that she sang.  Washington has the swing feeling, but is less inclined to bring the tempo of her performances to the paces where Horn often went.  Her band includes Thad Wilson on trumpet, Carl Carrington on flute, David B. Cole on guitar, Vince Evans on piano, Wes Biles on bass, Jc Jefferson Jr. on drums and Kevin Kojo Prince on percussion.  The program includes “Here’s to Life,” “The Island,” “Love Is Here to Stay,” “Fever,’ “Dindi,” “A Time for Love” and “I Just Found Out About Love.”  Washington is a confident singer who has a nice jazz feeling.  The band is effectively supportive.  Altogether, Washington and her mates offer an enjoyable visit to the oeuvre of Shirley Horn.  (