Jazz2Love review 6-2-19

Album Review: Shades of Shirley Horm from Coniece Washington 
Album:  Shades of Shirley Horn 

Artist:  Coniece Washington 

Label:  Self-Releassed 

Website:  https://www.coniecewashington.com/ 

Shades of Shirley Horn is blues vocalist Coniece Washington's tribute to the iconic jazz vocalist Shirley Horn.  The collection of 12 tracks was chosen as a loving memorial to Horn and her repertoire, which features a number of timeless classics from the Great American Songbook.  Washington canvasses Horn's catalog from the sultry "Fever" to the swinging "I Just Found Out about Love."  Abound with the silky timbres of Washington, Shades of Shirley Horn is filled with after-hour melodies, rich in calming jaunts and beautiful tunage. 

Each track symbolizes the joy of life, cherishing each moment of living and loving the experiences that come with it, whether they result in a love lost or the deepening of feelings of love.  "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin'" is a prime example of a heartbreak that is treated like an essential phase of life, meant to be experienced and treasured on a proverbial mantle.  Washington's turn of a phrase is handled with a majestic lilt as she purrs regally, "You done me dirty now / And I don't want you no more... you can cry, cry, cry / Baby, you can wail / Beat your head on the pavement / Til the men come and throw you in jail... I found me a good man and I don't need you no more."   The slowness of the bopping beats set Washington's vocal pace, accentuating the emotions she expresses poignantly. 

The swinging tempo of "Our Love Is Here To Stay" exudes a cheery mood, seguing into the seductive palpitations of "Fever," which Washington finesses with feline lure. The pensive ambience of "If You Go" is augmented by the tender droplets of the piano keys played by Vince Evans.  Whereas, the island sway of "Once I Loved" projects a Caribbean-inspired ambience, moving into the smooth lines of JC Jefferson's brushed drum strokes along "A Time for Love." 

Washington presents timeless tunes from Shirley Horn's repertoire with a genuine feel for the emotions that inspired the lyrics.  The expressiveness in her vocals is strongly feminine, handling a lost love with respect for oneself and cherishing the effects of experiencing a romantic love.  Coniece Washington regally shows the sensitive nature and vulnerabilities of being a woman.  Her delivery demonstrates her pride in being a woman. 


Coniece Washington - vocals 

Vince Evans - piano 

Wes Biles: bass 

Jc Jefferson - drums 

Kevin Kojo Prince - percussion 

Thad Wilson - trumpet 

Carl Carrington - flute 

David B. Cole - guitar 

Seth Washington - poet 

at June 04, 2019  
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