Audiophile Review New Music For May 31, 2019 By Paul Wilson

Overall: 8.5 / 10 Sonics:  8/10 

Coniece Washington - "Shades of Shirley Horn" - Self Released 


Not five minutes into the review from the new release from Coniece Washington I believe, if I remember correctly, I actually said "wow" out loud. Why? Simple. I find Washington to have a stellar voice and one that can be listened to for a long time. Her style is straight ahead, traditional jazz. Her lofty influences include Sara Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald and of course, the CD's namesake, Shirley Horn. In fact, Washington has stated that "the first time I heard Shirley Horn sing, I fell in love with her groove and elegance." She has assembled a grouping of twelve covers from Horn that finely exemplify the Great American Songbook. Her voice is absolutely effortless and sounds like she is not even trying. Quite a feat when emulating a siren like Shirley Horn. Manifestly, these twelve tracks will set the listener back with abundant joy and a feeling of "wow."  

Overall:  8.5 / 10 Sonics: 8/10